CRB17 Matrix Green – Juicy Rubber Base, 8ml


Juicy Rubber Base

… and your nails will get lush!

A collection of rubber bases in 6 lively shades that will put you in a summer atmosphere!
Summer is the time when you want to show up and be visible, so choose a juicy rubber base, choose a bold color and enjoy the weather!
Expressive colors will perfectly emphasize your tan and give you a radiant mood that will be a bull’s eye on th


The main advantages of the juicy rubber base:

  • It speeds up work – one product replaces the two used previously!
  • 6 colors that will emphasize your tan and give you self-confidence.
  • It is flexible – it works with the nail, which makes it resistant to chipping or damage.
  • Due to its thick consistency, it perfectly smooths uneven or damaged nail plate.
  • A perfectly contoured brush ensures easy application of the product even in problematic places such as the area around the nail shaft.
  • After hardening in the lamp, it does not require filing.
  • Marking: CRB13-CRB18
  • Color:Neon
  • Consistency: Thick
  • Volume:8ml

LED lamp min. 48W – 1min. UV 36W lamp – 2min.

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