DADI OIL nail care oil, 3.75ml


Dadi’ Oil™ is a blend of certified organic oils that make the nail plate flexible, durable and give it a natural, healthy shine. Dadi’ Oil™ absorbs quickly and does not leave the surface of the nail plate oily, in addition, the product has an incredibly pleasant smell.
The biggest advantages
– The mixture consists of 21 natural essential oils, including various citrus, vanilla, bergamot, rosemary, lemongrass, avocado, lavender, jojoba and others.
– Improves the durability, elasticity, natural shine of the nails, prevents them from breaking and promotes the hydration of the skin and cuticles.
– Long shelf life, which at the same time does not damage the useful properties of the product – serves you to the last drop!
Interesting facts
– Dadi’ Oil™ oil was named the best new product of 2012 and the best cuticle care product by the prestigious American professional magazine Nail Pro Magazine.
– The creator of Dadi’ Oil™ nail oil is Jim Nordstrom, under whose leadership the famous Solar Oil™ was also created at CND. The famous name of the product, Dadi’ Oil™, is the author of Jim’s daughter, Nicky Nordstrom.
– The remaining 5% of the product composition is natural vitamin E (tocopherol).
– The letter combination IMOSSN on the packaging consists of the first letters of the phrase In Memory Of Stuart S. Nordstrom. Stuart Nordstrom was Jim’s father, the founder of Creative Nail Design (now CND). Dadi’ Oil™ was developed by Jim Nordstrom. He is also the creator of the famous Solar Oil™ for nail and cuticle care. After leaving CND, Jim started his own company, Famous Names, which launched a new generation line of nail care products. The most famous of them are Dadi’ Oil™ oil and the revolutionary nail strengthening system IBX.

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