Nail and cuticle treatment



Active components and vitamins restore the structure of the nail plate, increase its density, strength and prevent delamination. The gel ensures the strengthening and natural growth of nails, as well as restores the lipid cuticle coat, nourishes, strengthens and treats sick nails, has an anti-inflammatory effect.



Keratin restores and hardens the nail plate, reduces brittleness. Moisturizes intensively and restores skin balance.

Biotin (vitamin B7) helps strengthen the nail plate and accelerate its growth, restores the skin after damage. This stimulates the cells to produce more keratin.

Beeswax makes the nail plate elastic, seals scales, preventing delamination.

Vitamin PP strengthens the protective barrier of sensitive and/or irritated skin and prevents dehydration, has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Niacinamide stimulates blood circulation, which results in the initiation of recovery processes. It relieves flaking, irritation and dehydration, reduces redness, soothes inflammation and tightens pores.

Macadamia oil moisturizes, preventing nail brittleness and flaking of the nail plate.

Castor oil treats and prevents the formation of nails, slows down the growth of the cuticle, nourishes and moisturizes.

Shea butter and sweet almond oil moisturize and nourish, slows down the growth of the cuticle, relieves dryness, prevents brittleness, helps to get rid of nail flaking.

Chamomile flower extract has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, helps relieve irritation.

Vitamin E nourishes, strengthens and restores the nail plate, prevents brittleness, cares for dry and cracked cuticles.

Lecithin restores the skin’s barrier functions, deeply nourishes and protects cells from damage. Thanks to its lipid origin, which is close to that of the skin, it easily penetrates deep layers, providing active ingredients.


Apply twice a day, massage and rub into the skin. Do not wash off for 2-3 hours.

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