Perfect Blush 15ml, GELTIX thixotropic gel GTO1



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Gain full control over the gel using Geltix made by Makear

Thixotropy is one of the features of our building gel. This feature is so called ‘liquid memory’ and it makes the product co-operate ideally with the brush. Additionally, it is spread with our touch – only there where we want. While moving the brush, the gel changes from thick to medium thick. As a consequence, it is easy to be spread on the nail. However, when we stop working with the brush, the structure of the gel changes and it stays where we put it. All those factors cause that we do not have Geltix on cuticles. Moreover, if it is put properly, it creates ideal ‘nail light line’ without any interference.

It is ideal product for people who work with non-filing technique and fantasy french method.

In comparison to other thixotropic gels, Geltix has very thick gel consistency without clumps typical for these kind of products.


  • 3-phase product
  • thick with changeable consistency
  • containing thixotropy technology
  • medium flexible
  • fully covering


  • non-filing technique
  • nail extension using the form
  • strengthening the natural nail plate
  • build-up


  • Full control over the product due to thixotropy technology
  • Ideal for non- filing technique
  • Ideal for fantasy french method
  • Creating ‘nail light line’
  • Not spreading over cuticles
  • The product is compatible with all manicure products. LED lamps min. 48W – 1min. 36W UV lamp – 2min.
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  • Deep color saturation, wide and varied colors and durability made Makear a leader among existing brands.


Geltix by Makear is designed for professional use.

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