Provocater 112 Dominicana Sand


‹FOLLOW ME is the new collection of Provocater hybrid polishes. It consists of nine beautiful shades that perfectly correspond to the trends of the spring-summer 2018 season. Each of them refers to the name of a tropical corner. Thanks to this, your nails will take you to the pink Elafonisi beach, the blue Maldives or the sunny capital of Cuba! Follow the trends and try our beautiful shades!

The high-quality hybrid nail polish combines the durability of the gel and the ease of use as in traditional nail polishes. Ensures the perfect appearance of the nails for a long time.

The highly pigmented nail polish formula ensures perfect coverage and deep and expressive color, while the dense and silky consistency of the nail polish and the unique structure of the brush make it easy to use.

In addition, the thin shape and the material from which the cap was made make it firmly in your hand, making it very convenient to use the varnish.


PROVOCATER hybrid varnish is a product that gives you unlimited possibilities! You can combine it with the effects we offer. This allows you to achieve original stylization.

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7 ml,

URETHANE ACRYLATE,DI-HEMA TRIMETHYLHEXYL DICARBAMATE ; POLYESTERACRYLATE; ACRYLIC RESIN ; 2-PHENOXYETHYL ACRYLATE ,HEMA BISTRIMETHYLBENZOYL PHENYLPHOSPHINE OXIDE ; 1-HYDROXYCYCLOHEXYL PHENYL KETONE ,ETHYLPHENYL TRIMETHYLBENZOYL PHOSPHINATE P-HYDROXYANISOLE ; CI 11680 ; CI 12085 ; CI 15850:1 ; CI 15850:2 ; CI 15880 ; CI 16035:1 ,CI 19140 CI 21108,CI 26100 ; CI 42090 ,CI 45350,CI 45380 ,CI 45380:2 CI 45410 ; CI 47005:1; CI 51319  CI 60730 ; CI 73360 ; CI 73915 ; CI 74160  CI 74260 ; CI 75470 ; CI 77002 ; CI 77007 ; CI 77163 ; CI 77266  CI 77288 ; CI 77289 , CI 77491 CI 77492 ; CI 77499 ; CI 77510 ; CI 77742 ; CI 77891

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