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Provocater 197 virgo

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The dark, chocolate color of the 197 Virgo paintwork was not chosen by chance in this way. Virgos appreciate professionalism and a logical approach, but can also be critical and demanding. You can handle any situation with this shade on your nails. You can wear it as a monolook or combine it with other similar colors to create modest decorations.

Provocater hybrid varnishes are a high-quality product that combines the durability of gel with the ease of application of traditional varnishes. Thanks to the special formula, one coat is enough to achieve perfect coverage of the hybrid nail polish! To make application even more pleasant, we have created a unique brush structure. Provocater hybrid nail polishes are great quality and endless styling options!

Do you believe that everything is written in the stars? Or maybe you are a fan of astrology because Nicolaus Copernicus himself used this field of science? Or maybe you don’t believe in horoscopes at all? Regardless of which answer is closest to you, one thing is certain – a unique, cosmic autumn is coming!
The My Sign Fall/Winter 2021 collection is a collection of the most beautiful fall colors, inspired by the characteristics of individual zodiac signs. At Provocateur, we believe that every woman is unique, and her zodiac sign and star placement are just the beginning of the unique story that each of us writes for ourselves.

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