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Holo Effect is an amazing pollen that transforms your nails in an instant and makes everyone notice them. Its use gives the effect of a holographic sheet on the nail. Just rub some pollen into the right polish. Be convinced of how easy and quick a unique manicure is and enjoy it every day. Do you want to be fashionable and stunning? This will give you a holo effect!

Do you like extravagance? Check out our unique multicolored mermaid effect. Pleasant particles on your nails!

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Nail glitter powders are a beautiful and extremely effective glitter ornament. Their main advantage is that they are very easy to use even. All you need to do is spray the glitter powder thoroughly with pollen and then rub it onto the nail surface. Unlike painted patterns, which are not always successful, Provocateur nail polishes are perfect for light application and a comfortable look for a few moments. Nail art pollen is a universal ornament that works on almost any nail polish and looks completely different on every woman.


Our glitter powders can be rubbed or sprinkled as hardened hybrid paint (dispersion). Then you remove the excess pollen with a soft brush and finally it covers the entire top and done! Your nails are already original and one of a kind. Nail glitter powders Provocater nails will delight your friends and attract the attention of men.


The nail effects you can create with our pollen are truly endless. You can combine different pollens and create your own unique and original combination, thanks to which you can always stand out with your beautiful hybrids.


How to make a regular color of varnish a special shine? Use one of our pollens for this. Fabulous effects, dots, beautifully reflect the light. In our offer you will find, among other things, effects on gold and multi-colored colors. Do you prefer a starry sky? We have a static effect for you in three trendy shades: diamond (white), galaxy (bright blue) and pink (pink). Your nails look like dust streaked with stardust.

For lovers of refined elegance, we have prepared golden pollen Golden Gloss, which gives any stylization a luxury. This pollen can be used in a variety of primary colors and give them a golden glow. If gold is not your color, put a mirror image. Fashionable this season, nail mirrors that you create using the Metal Glass effect.

Are you the queen of honor? Be sure to try two of our pollens: Holo Effect, or hologram nails, and Opal Powder Effect, which changes tone like a chameleon. The holographic effects on the nails can be changed as desired. A little holo accent or full coverage.

Choose an effect and create your own stylization!

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