SFX Liquid effect dust BP06, 5ml


Bright Prism

Try out the new revolution in manicure! Our new innovative product – SFX Liquid (special liquid dust) which gives you the iridescent surface effect on your nails.

SFX Liquid is an extremely innovative product, which changes completely working with flecks. In comparison to traditional dust, it does not get dirty and it is not scattered. As a result, applying the product is easy and clear. You can spare time as well as it gives you a very pleasant experience.
One of the main advantages of SFX liquid is its incredible efficiency. Due to its smooth consistency, you can apply the product precisely so you do not waste it. Each bottle of SFX Liquid gives you more possibilities than traditional dust.

Bright Prism collection consists of 6 unique tints which turn into various colours. They give your manicure stunning gloss. They look amazingly at bright colours as they create special contrasts and lightning effects. Prepare yourself for revolution in manicure with SFX Liquid!

Explore unlimited creativity and let your nails have a unique iridescent colour effect.

  • It does not leave dust
  • It is more efficient than average dust.
  • It spares your time
  • It gives you a spectacular iridescent effect.

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How to use it:

  1. Apply Top No Wipe on chosen colour. Afterwards, cure it for 30sec (we advise to rub it into warm top)
  2. Apply SFX with an applicator from the bottle.
  3. Rub dust using finger or nail dust applicator.
  4. Apply Top and cure it .



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