Top No Wipe – HARD GLASS, 8ml


Top No Wipe – Hard Glass 8ml Top No Wipe – Hard GlassTop which has features of hard glass and it protects manicure from damages as well as it makes manicure glossier and more durable for longer!It is very durable and resistant to damages. It creates a glowing sheet of water on the nails.Top un-blue does not create the blue gleam on dark colours.In order to rub the fleck, you should use cleaner earlier.

  • ·         Features: it can be used just like base coat·         It has unbelievable resistance to damages·         Non-sensitive to tensions

    ·         More efficient

    ·         Stunning gloss

    ·         It does not create streaks and it does not discolour the nail plate

    ·         Usage: apply a thin layer of top with gentle moves of brush. Cure it in the LED/DUAL LED lamp for 60sec.

    ·         Volume: 8ml

    ·         Docketing: TNW Hard Glass

LED lamp min. 48W – 1min. 36W UV lamp – 2min.

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  • Deep colour saturation, wide and varied colors and durability made Makear a leader among existing brands.


Top No Wipe – Hard Glass by Makear is intended for professional use.




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