Ultra moisturising repair



Intensively moisturizing hand and foot cream contains a complex of bioactive ceramides, vitamins, hyaluronic and lactic acids, instantly moisturizes and relieves dryness, flaking, restores cracked skin. It effectively soothes irritated skin, removes redness, inflammation and dermatitis. It protects against the negative
environmental factors throughout the day. It is paraben and silicone free.



Ceramides (ceramides) replenish the necessary lipids for the skin, relieve dryness and dehydration, strengthen local immunity and stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin. They relieve inflammation and irritation, protecting the skin from aggressive environmental influences.

Lactic acid moisturizes and retains moisture, distributing it evenly in the deep layers of the epidermis. It stimulates the production of fibroblasts, which increase their synthesis of hyaluronic acid, a powerful natural moisturizer. The natural filler keeps the skin smooth and elastic.

3D hyaluronic acid provides permanent hydration and increases skin elasticity. Stimulates own collagen and elastin production, as well as hyaluronic acid production.

Urea moisturizes, relieves skin tightness, compensates for water loss, accelerates cell regeneration. A 10% concentration has an anti-inflammatory effect, reverses irritation and contributes to cell renewal.

Niacinamide (B3) and biotin (B7) strengthen and nourish the skin, stimulate collagen production and increase skin tone, restore skin elasticity, neutralize scaling, irritation and dehydration, slowing down skin aging.

Panthenol moisturizes and helps to heal, normalizes cell metabolism, accelerates collagen production, restoring metabolic processes, which contributes to skin tone and youth.

Sweet almond oil nourishes, moisturizes and relieves dryness, irritation and flaking. Evens skin tone, prevents and removes hyperpigmentation.

Vitamins E + C act as a synergy of vitamins to moisturize and soothe, preventing premature signs of skin aging.


Apply the cream to clean skin and massage until completely absorbed. Use several times a day to deeply hydrate, nourish and restore the skin.

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