Top Milky (no wipe), 8ml



TOP will also work well for ombre decorations.

Each styling requires top finishing, but if you want a WOW effect, choose Top with an effect! If you dream of a milky hybrid varnish, you don’t have to look for it anymore! You just need a regular hybrid nail polish and our Top Milky Makear! It is a top with a semi-transparent finish, thanks to which your stylization will take on an unusual color and lightness.

Ease of execution, perfect durability. What more could you want!

Makear’s TOP MILKY is intended for professional use.

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  • Color: Milky,
  • Self-leveling,
  • Difficult,
  • Properties: topcoat in hybrid color or gel / acrylic,
  • Opacity: Milky,
  • Curing time UV / Dual-led 30 sec,
  • Consistency: medium-thick / self-leveling,
  • Perfect for thin frame forming and extensions,
  • Durable and damage resistant,
  • Capacity: 8ml,
  • Branding: MT.

How to use:

  • Apply the medium layer with gentle movements, cure at least 60 seconds in a led / dualled lamp. We do not touch the nail right after it is taken out of the lamp. We recommend waiting about 15-20 seconds for the top to cool down to avoid tarnishing,
  • Thanks to medium-thick / self-leveling consistency, it perfectly smoothes uneven or damaged nail plate,
  • Strengthening natural nails.

The product is compatible with all manicure products. LED lamps min. 48W – 1min. 36W UV lamp – 2min.

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